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Enago is a leading provider of English proofreading and publication support services for authors / researchers wishing to publish to AACN Advanced Critical Care. Enago has over 450 highly qualified and experienced native English proofreaders who take reading, review manuscripts and have curriculum in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Enago's systems and processes are designed to deliver high quality, ready-to-publish content. Our intuitive understanding of the challenges of English as a Second Language (ISL), our professional reviewers, and quality-centric processes help us deliver ready-to-publish manuscripts.

Pediatric Blood & Cancer will publish in print and online, the highest quality manuscripts describing basic and clinical investigations of blood disorders and malignant diseases of childhood, including diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, etiology, biology, and molecular and clinical genetics of these diseases as they affect children, adolescents, and young adults. Pediatric Blood & Cancer will also include studies on such treatment options as hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, immunology, and gene therapy.

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Move and Echo What?

A Koji


FDG-PET detects extensive calcinosis cutis in anti-NXP2 antibody-positive dermatomyositis

N Nakamura, R Izumi, Y Hoshi, Y Takai, R Ono…

Wiley Online Library

Renal cell carcinoma in a lumbar ectopic kidney

I Hamano, S Hatakeyama, O Soma…


Eggshell membrane protein can be absorbed and utilised in the bodies of rats

R Matsuoka, H Kurihara…


Stimuli-responsive DNAzyme displaying Boolean logic-gate responses

A Banno, S Higashi, A Shibata, M Ikeda


A Case Report of Chyloretroperitoneum Post Living-Donor Transplantation

S Kawaguchi, Y Kadono, T Nohara, Y Kato…

Wiley Online Library

Effect of hippotherapy on gait symmetry in children with cerebral palsy: A pilot study

T Mutoh, T Mutoh, H Tsubone, M Takada…


Prevalence of microorganisms associated with feline gingivostomatitis

H Nakanishi, M Furuya, T Soma…


Fundamental Study of a Simple Walking Support System Using Smart Devices

N Toya, Y Sakamoto, Y Taguchi, K Kitagawa


The effects of secondary prevention after coronary revascularization in Taiwan

WH Feng, CY Chu, PC Hsu, WH Lee, HM Su, TH Lin…


Hydrous magnesium-rich magma genesis at the top of the lower mantle

A Nakajima, T Sakamaki, T Kawazoe, A Suzuki


Evaluation of Hepatic Resection in Liver Metastasis of Gastric Cancer

Y Nonaka, K Hiramatsu, T Kato, Y Shibata…

Wiley Online Library

Association between the frequency of bedwetting and late preterm birth in children aged≥ 5 years

N Nishizaki, K Obinata, M Kantake, N Yoshida…


Intracranial Hemorrhaging following Cardiobacterium hominis Endocarditis

E Okumura, J Tsurukiri, H Yamanaka…


Intracranial endodermal cyst presenting with nonobstructive hydrocephalus: A case report

Y Fujii, M Nagaishi, R Nakae, T Takigawa, Y Tanaka…


Heart rate regulation in patients with anorexia nervosa

C Baumann, C Willaschek, R Buchhorn


Efficacy and tolerability of initial low-dose lenvatinib to treat differentiated thyroid cancer

H Yamazaki, H Iwasaki, H Takasaki, N Suganuma…

Wiley Online Library

Dexamethasone exacerbates cisplatin‐induced muscle atrophy

H Sakai, M Kimura, Y Tsukimura, S Yabe…


Neural block therapy for radiation enteritis: a case report

M Tanaka, Y Kamiya, H Shimizu, T Watanabe…


Mosaicism of an ELANE Mutation in an Asymptomatic Mother

T Shigemura, N Kobayashi, K Agematsu…


Free and itinerant electron channels in magnetic NiCu alloys

ZZ Li, WH Qi, L Ma, GD Tang, GH Wu, FX Hu


CISH is a negative regulator of IL-13-induced CCL26 production in lung fibroblasts

H Takeshima, M Horie, Y Mikami, K Makita…


Suicide risk after discharge from psychiatric care in South Korea

JW Choi, KS Lee, TH Kim, J Choi, E Han


Stroke and lower urinary tract symptoms: A neurosurgical view

YC Chou, YH Jiang, T Harnod, HT Lee, HC Kuo


Advances in Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

A Kanno, A Masamune, K Hanada, M Kikuyama…

Wiley Online Library

Up‐regulation of Rac1 in the bronchial smooth muscle of murine experimental asthma

Y Kai, M Motegi, Y Suzuki, H Takeuchi…


Severe asthma in Japan

H Nagase


Design and characteristics of an agar additive polymer gel dosimeter

H Fuse, S Oyama, K Yasue, S Ito, T Sato…

breast-cancer-research …

A method of producing genetically manipulated mouse mammary gland

H Tagaya, K Ishikawa…


Control of hydrogen bubble plume during electrolysis of water

K Matsuura, Y Yamanishi, C Guan…

Taylor & Francis

Effects of free-air CO2 enrichment on flower opening time in rice

K Kobayasi, H Sakai, T Tokida, H Nakamura…


Effects of piperonyl butoxide on exploratory behaviour in female mice

T Tanaka, T Suzuki, A Inomata


Adrenomedullin: Continuing to explore cardioprotection

T Tsuruda, J Kato, K Kuwasako, K Kitamura

Wiley Online Library

Exposures of children to neonicotinoids in pine wilt disease control areas

Y Ikenaka, Y Miyabara, T Ichise…

Wiley Online Library

A new fossil Erinaceidae from the Shajingyi area in the Lanzhou Basin, China



Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci Pathogenomics

X Argemi, Y Hansmann, K Prola, G Prévost


Bioelectrocatalytic performance of d-fructose dehydrogenase

T Adachi, Y Kaida, Y Kitazumi, O Shirai, K Kano


Survival analysis of elderly patients with osteosarcoma

Y Imura, S Takenaka, S Kakunaga, T Nakai…


ERK-containing microparticles from a diabetic mouse induce endothelial dysfunction

K Taguchi, H Narimatsu, T Matsumoto…

Taylor & Francis

Effects of free-air CO2 enrichment on heat-induced sterility and pollination in rice

K Kobayasi, MJ Eydi, H Sakai, T Tokida…


Neomacrophorin and premacrophorin congeners from Trichoderma sp. 1212-03

M Nishiyama, H Maeda, A Tonouchi, M Hashimoto

Taylor & Francis

Adaptability of atlas symbol sizes under multivariate conditions

Y Song, Q Li, Y Yu, G Xu, Y Liu, Y Liu


Determining tourist satisfaction from travel reviews

S Song, H Kawamura, J Uchida, H Saito


P-TEFb Regulates Transcriptional Activation in Non-coding RNA Genes

H Bunch, H Choe, J Kim, DS Jo, S Jeon, S Lee…

Wiley Online Library

Effect of tannic acid on skin barrier function

T Nakamura, N Yoshida, M Yasoshima…


Sporadic breast metastasis derived from renal cell carcinoma: A case report

D Ikarashi, K Ishida, M Kashiwaba, Y Kato…


Peripheral neuropathy in a case with CADASIL: a case report

Y Sakiyama, E Matsuura, Y Maki…


Disseminated Nocardiosis that Mimicked Polypyomyositis: A Case Report

T Soga, T Sato, S Sampei, S Kushimoto


The Smallest Reported Malignant Struma Ovarii: A Case Report

N Yasutake, H Noguchi, Y Ibayashi…


Spinal Cord Swelling After Surgery in Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

H Ozawa, T Aizawa, S Tateda, K Hashimoto…


An Autopsy Case of Edwardsiella tarda Meningoencephalitis

T Makino, I Sugano, I Kamitsukasa


Possible Application of Ascites-infiltrating Gamma-delta T Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy

Y Abe, H Kobayashi, Y Akizawa, K Ishitani…


Development of a Learning Economy Platform Based on Blockchain

M Hori, S Ono, T Kita, H Miyahara, S Sakashita…


Biopsy-proven vancomycin-induced acute kidney injury: a case report and literature review

A Sawada, K Kawanishi, S Morikawa…


Extraction of vanadium from ammonia slag under near-atmospheric conditions

H Takahashi, W Fujiwara, H Sun, T Yoshida…


Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Presenting as Fanconi Syndrome

T Yoshida, H Tsujimoto, T Ichikawa, S Kounami…


Tongue schwannomas associated with neurofibromatosis type 2

H Kanazawa, H Sawai, A Kita, N Koide…


MHD Simulation of Merging Fueling Method Used for ST Plasma

S Koike, T Takahashi, N Mizuguchi…


Does the single-limb stance reflect chronic ankle instability in an athlete?

T Toyooka, Y Urabe, S Sugiura, A Takata, M Shinozaki…

Wiley Online Library

Gallstone ileus with spontaneous evacuation: A case report

K Takahashi, H Kashimura, N Konno…


Changes in choroidal thickness in patients with diabetic retinopathy

Z Ohara, H Tabuchi, S Nakakura, Y Yoshizumi…

cardiothoracicsurgery.biomedcentral …

Surgical repair of massive dilatation of the right atrium with tricuspid regurgitation

M Okada, H Watanuki…


Geochemical database of Japanese islands for basement rocks

S Haraguchi, K Ueki, K Yoshida, T Kuwatani…


Elevation of Autoantibody in Patients with Ischemic Stroke

Y Yoshida, T Hiwasa, T Machida…


Organic dye-catalyzed radical ring expansion reaction

M Deguchi, A Fujiya, E Yamaguchi, N Tada, B Uno…


Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease Associated with Influenza A Virus Infection: A Case Report

N Yoshino, A Kawamura, A Ishii, K Yoshida…


Laparoscopic Resection of Appendiceal Schwannoma

T Imagami, S Takayama, Y Maeda, R Matsui…


Bacterial pneumonia in elderly Japanese populations

N Miyashita, Y Yamauchi


Allergic tendencies are associated with larger gray matter volumes

H Takeuchi, Y Taki, R Nouchi, R Yokoyama…


A multi-cathode counter in a single-electron counting mode

A Kopylov, I Orekhov, V Petukhov


12-Deoxyroridin J and 12-Deoxyepiisororidin E from Calcarisporium arbuscular

M Matsumoto, S Tanaka, A Tonouchi, M Hashimoto


Current characteristics of hemophilia patients co‑infected with HIV/HCV in Japan

S Miuma, M Hidaka, M Takatsuki…

Wiley Online Library

The effect of diabetes mellitus on the Two‐Step value for gait ability

K Kimura, H Ninomiya, Y Endo…


Fast super-resolution with iterative-guided back projection for 3D MR images

Y Iwamoto, XH Han, A Shiino…

jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral …

Internal biliary drainage for isolated posterior segmental biliary obstruction: a case report

H Izumi, H Yoshii, D Yokoyama…

ACS Publications

Biocompatible poly (catecholamine)-film electrode for potentiometric cell sensing

T Kajisa, Y Yanagimoto, A Saito, T Sakata


Undifferentiated sarcoma of the sphenoid sinus

M Nagaishi, K Suzuki, Y Sugiura, I Takano, Y Tanaka…


Methanol Toxicity Presenting as Acute Abdomen: Case Report

Y Ali, M Ismail, M Shareif, MH El-Din…


Change in singing behavior of humpback whales caused by shipping noise

K Tsujii, T Akamatsu, R Okamoto, K Mori, Y Mitani…


Mineralogical and Elemental Composition of Pectinatella magnifica and Its Statoblasts

K Tazaki, A Fukuyama, F Tazaki, M Okuno, Y Hashida…


A technique for estimating the absolute gain of a photomultiplier tube

M Takahashi, Y Inome, S Yoshii, A Bamba…


Finite element analysis of the tibial bone graft in cementless total knee arthroplasty

K Totoribe, E Chosa, G Yamako…


Carbon-nanotube-caged microbial electrodes for bioelectrocatalysis

H Xia, K Sakai, Y Kitazumi, O Shirai, K Takagi…


Prepulse inhibition in Drosophila melanogaster larvae

Y Matsumoto, K Shimizu, K Arahata, M Suzuki…


Curcumin analog, GO‐Y078, overcomes resistance to tumor angiogenesis inhibitors

K Shimazu, M Inoue, S Sugiyama, K Fukuda…


Refractive error is associated with intracranial volume

H Takeuchi, Y Taki, R Nouchi, R Yokoyama…


PET response assessment in apatinib-treated radioactive iodine-refractory thyroid cancer

C Wang, X Zhang, X Yang, H Li, R Cui…


Embedded librarians as providers of knowledge services

A Pospelova, R Tsurtsumia…

bmcwomenshealth.biomedcentral …

Predictors of persistent stress urinary incontinence after transvaginal mesh repair

S Kawaguchi, K Narimoto…



A Pospelova, R Tsurtsumia…


Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for High-Grade Skull-Base Meningioma

K Takeuchi, S Kawabata, R Hiramatsu…


Risk factors for deep vein thrombosis of lower extremities in Sudanese women

NA Ibrahim, FM Hassan, MM Elgari…

Wiley Online Library

Effect of sequential C‐terminal tryptophans on green fluorescent protein fluorescence

S Tsuchida, T Kanashiki, S Izumiya, T Ichikawa…


Are Fetuin-A levels beneficial for estimating timing of sepsis occurrence?

HB Altinisik, U Altinisik, S Uysal, S Sacar…


Involvement of natriuretic peptide system in C2C12 myocytes

K Ishikawa, T Hara, K Kato, T Shimomura…


Corticospinal excitability following repetitive voluntary movement

N Ishikawa, R Miyao, S Tsuiki, R Sasaki…


DHA supplementation prevent the progression of NASH via GPR120 signaling

K Nakamoto, K Shimada, S Harada, Y Morimoto…


Cost of illness of hepatocellular carcinoma in Japan: A time trend and future projections

K Matsumoto, Y Wu, T Kitazawa, S Fujita, K Seto…

Cambridge University Press

25 Structural Studies of Creativity Measured by Divergent Thinking

H Takeuchi, R Kawashima


Learning System based on Decentralized Learning Model using Blockchain and SNS.

M Hori, S Ono, K Miyashita, S Kobayashi…


MAX-MIN Ant System with Memory Considering New Solution Importance

T Isozaki, S Hasegawa, H Anada


Effect of Static Stretching with Superficial Cooling on Muscle Stiffness

M Nakamura, R Hirabayashi, S Ohya…


Variations in Tomotherapy Beam Outputs: A Multiple-Institutional Investigation

H Shimizu, K Sasaki, K Sugi, H Fukuma…

Wiley Online Library

Inability of infants to push up in the prone position and subsequent development

A Senju, M Shimono, M Tsuji, R Suga…

Oxidative Stress-induced Interaction between Autophagy and

M Yamaguchi, H Kajiya, R Egashira, M Yasunaga…


Heme-dependent Inactivation of 5-Aminolevulinate Synthase from Caulobacter crescentus

H Ikushiro, A Nagami, T Takai, T Sawai, Y Shimeno…


大河内知久, 湊恭輔, 丹野啓介, 千葉英美子, 濱本耕平…


Clinical manifestations and location of brain metastases as prognostic markers

MD Bernardo Cacho-Díaz, NA Lorenzana-Mendoza…


Fluorescence-based high-throughput salt screening

K Kimura, S Onishi, K Moriyama


Unified hardware abstraction layer with device masquerade

I Yoneji, T Fukai, T Shinagawa, K Kato

ACS Publications

Reduction-Responsive DNA Duplex Containing O6-Nitrobenzyl-Guanine

Y Hayakawa, A Banno, H Kitagawa, S Higashi…


Screening for obstructive sleep apnea among hospital outpatients

M Hug, K Uehli, S Solbach, S Brighenti-Zogg, S Dürr…

Wiley Online Library

Innate immune cells in reproduction

Y Negishi, H Takahashi, Y Kuwabara…


Management of Hemophagocytic Lympho-Histiocytosis in Critically Ill Patients

V Lemiale, S Valade, L Calvet…

Comparison of Autoimmune Hepatitis in Elderly and Nonelderly Patients

H Fujii, H Kimura, T Kadono, K Asaeda, R Kobayashi…


Repetitive passive finger movement modulates primary somatosensory cortex excitability

R Sasaki, S Tsuiki, S Miyaguchi, S Kojima…


Sleep Stage Estimation Comparing Own Past Heartrate or Others' Heartrate

Y Tajima, F Uwano, A Murata, T Harada…


Effects of bovine lactoferrin on l-DOPA absorption and metabolism in mice

M Ikeda, H Iijima, I Shinoda, H Iwamoto, Y Takeda



大沢伸一郎, 岩崎真樹, 高山裕太郎, 神一敬…

BBA-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids

G Li, Q Zhang, J Hong, JK Ritter, PL Li

Wiley Online Library

Clinical features of stroke mimics in the emergency department

Y Okano, K Ishimatsu, Y Kato, J Yamaga…


Digital Evidence Analytics Applied in Cybercrime Investigations

DY Kao, YT Chao, F Tsai…


A tactile computer mouse for the display of surface material properties

M Strese, R Hassen, A Noll…

Wiley Online Library

Bond−Energy−Electron Relaxation of BeN Nanoclusters and BeX Alloys

J Zhou, M Bo, L Li, Z Huang, M Tian…


Host cellular unfolded protein response signaling regulates Campylobacter jejuni invasion

A Tentaku, T Shimohata, S Hatayama, J Kido…


New data acquisition system for beam loss monitor used in J-PARC main ring

K Satou, T Toyama, N Kamikubota, S Yoshida…

Wiley Online Library

Current behavioral assessments of movement disorders in children

T Asakawa, K Sugiyama, T Nozaki…


High order formation and evolution of Hornerin in primates

V Romero, H Nakaoka, K Hosomichi…

Wiley Online Library

U–Pb zircon geochronology of the North Pole Dome adamellite in the eastern Pilbara Craton

H Asanuma, Y Sawaki, S Sakata, H Obayashi…


Live Migration in Bare-metal Clouds

T Fukai, T Shinagawa, K Kato


Modern Biotechnology for Agricultural Development in Colombia

DF Villanueva-Mejía


Modeling Storylines in Lyrics

K Watanabe, Y Matsubayashi, K Inui…


LpMab-23: A cancer-specific monoclonal antibody against human podoplanin

S Yamada, S Ogasawara, MK Kaneko…

Wiley Online Library

The expanded red/green cyanobacteriochrome lineage: an evolutionary hot spot

K Fushimi, M Ikeuchi, R Narikawa


Skeletal muscle loss and prognosis of breast cancer patients

Y Kubo, T Naito, K Mori, G Osawa, E Aruga


Bowel perforation by a peritoneal dialysis catheter: report of two cases

M Fujiwara, T Soda, T Okada…

Wiley Online Library

Structural Revision and Biomimetic Synthesis of Goupiolone B

Y Matsuo, A Yoshida, Y Saito, T Tanaka


Nonenzymatic biomimetic synthesis of black tea pigment theaflavins

Y Matsuo, R Oowatashi, Y Saito, T Tanaka


Long-term preservation of eri and ailanthus silkworms using frozen gonads

H Fukumori, J Lee, T Fujii, Z Kajiura, Y Banno

Wiley Online Library

Tumor endothelial cells accelerate tumor metastasis

N Maishi, K Hida


Total Synthesis of (±)-Ramariolides C and D

M Kuse, M Moriguchi, M Hachida, H Takikawa


Acute Myeloid Leukemia in a Patient With X-linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

T Shigemura, M Motobayashi, K Matsuda…


Pure Primary Ovarian Squamous Cell Carcinoma Perforating the Rectum

K Mimura, A Okada, N Haraguchi, K Sawada…


Giant keratocystic odontogenic tumor invading bilateral maxillary sinuses

C Yamada, T Aikawa, M Mizutani, T Usuki…


Satellite sign: a poor outcome predictor in intracerebral hemorrhage

Y Shimoda, S Ohtomo, H Arai, K Okada…

surgicalcasereports.springeropen …

Petersen's hernia after living donor liver transplantation

S Sakamoto, R Goto…


A case of renal vein branch injury identified by multidetector computed tomography

T Maruhashi, F Kashimi, T Yamaya, I Takeuchi…


Undifferentiated carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater

M Yamada, D Furukawa, N Yazawa, H Izumi…


Uric acid, an important antioxidant contributing to survival in termites

E Tasaki, H Sakurai, M Nitao, K Matsuura, Y Iuchi


Apparatus to disperse crushed grains evenly into a flexible container bag

T Kawaide, H Inoue, S Urakawa…

diagnosticpathology.biomedcentral …

Complete mimicry: a case of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma masquerading as acute leukemia

O Imataki, M Uemura, S Uchida…


Detailed Analysis of Aliphatic Polyurea Crystals

G Matsuba, T Kobayashi, Y Chonan


Prevalence of Exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction in Japanese Medical Students

A Uchino, H Fujiya, N Yui, K Tateishi…


TRPA1 channels modify TRPV1-mediated current responses in dorsal root ganglion neurons

T Masuoka, M Kudo, Y Yamashita, J Yoshida…


Inhibitory Effect of Bovine Lactoferrin on Catechol-O-Methyltransferase

M Ikeda, H Iijima, I Shinoda, H Iwamoto, Y Takeda


Changes in choroidal thickness in patients with diabetic retinopathy

ZOHTS Nakakura, Y Yoshizumi, HSYMY Kiuchi


Value of T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in cholesteatoma detection

A Fukuda, S Morita, T Harada, K Fujiwara…


New composite thixotropic hydrogel composed of a polymer hydrogelator and a nanosheet

Y Ohsedo, M Oono, K Saruhashi…


Early morphological change for predicting outcome in metastatic colorectal cancer after regorafenib

H Arai, K Miyakawa, T Denda, T Mizukami, Y Horie…


Impact of Snail and E-cadherin expression in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

K Yonemori, H Kurahara, K Maemura…


Ruptured focal nodular hyperplasia observed during follow-up: a case report

M Kinoshita, S Takemura, S Tanaka…

Am Soc Microbiol

Is Staphylococcus lugdunensis significant in clinical samples?

X Argemi, Y Hansmann, P Riegel…


Probucol attenuates hyperoxia-induced lung injury in mice

T Kawaguchi, T Yanagihara, T Yokoyama…


Parvalbumin neurons and perineuronal nets in the mouse prefrontal cortex

H Ueno, S Suemitsu, M Okamoto, Y Matsumoto…


Energy Reports

S Iwata, S Shibakawa, N Imawaka, K Yoshino


Inhibition of Human Kallikrein 5 Protease by Triterpenoids from Natural Sources

Y Matsubara, T Matsumoto, J Koseki, A Kaneko, S Aiba…

Wiley Online Library

Screening of carnitine and biotin deficiencies on tandem mass spectrometry

S Hagiwara, M Kubota, R Nambu…


The influence of human papillomavirus on nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Japan

M Kano, S Kondo, N Wakisaka, M Moriyama-Kita…

Wiley Online Library

A preliminary study of submarine cold seeps by seismic oceanography techniques

C Jiang‐Xin, S Hai‐Bin, G Yong‐Xian…


Production of cloned mice using oocytes derived from ICR-outbred strain

Y Tanabe, H Kuwayama, S Wakayama…


Primate Resting Postures: Constraints by Foregut Fermentation?

I Matsuda, CA Chapman…


Predictors of recovery from traumatic brain injury-induced prolonged consciousness disorder

H Abe, K Shimoji, Y Nagamine, S Fujiwara, SI Izumi


Post-exercise cortical depression following repetitive passive finger movement

R Otsuka, R Sasaki, S Tsuiki, S Kojima, H Onishi


Effect of lipid environment on amyloid fibril formation of human serum amyloid A

M Tanaka, A Nishimura, H Takeshita, H Takase…


Association between high cystatin C levels and carotid atherosclerosis

T Kobayashi, H Yokokawa, K Fujibayashi…


Vector flow mapping and impaired left ventricular flow after the Alfieri stitch

K Akiyama, K Itatani, Y Naito, M Kinoshita…


Effects of β-estradiol on cold-sensitive receptor channel TRPM8 in ovariectomized rats

T Kubo, S Tsuji, T Amano, F Yoshino, Y Niwa…


Enteral formula containing egg yolk lecithin improves diarrhea

T Akashi, A Muto, Y Takahashi…


Adrenal mass of unusual etiology: Ewing sarcoma in a young man

L Soydan, AA Demir, E Sayman, BO Celik…

contraceptionmedicine …

Effect of aging on the female reproductive function

K Shirasuna, H Iwata

Wiley Online Library

Analysis of modulation factor to shorten the delivery time in helical tomotherapy

H Shimizu, K Sasaki, H Tachibana…


MicroRNA-196b is an independent prognostic biomarker in patients with pancreatic cancer

S Kanno, K Nosho, K Ishigami, I Yamamoto…


Effects of curcumin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles on the RG2 rat glioma model

M Orunoğlu, A Kaffashi, SB Pehlivan, S Şahin…

Wiley Online Library

A Fluid Liquid‐Crystal Material with Highly Polar Order

H Nishikawa, K Shiroshita, H Higuchi…


FOXO3 is essential for CD44 expression in pancreatic cancer cells

M Kumazoe, M Takai, J Bae, S Hiroi, Y Huang…


Effects of passive finger movement on cortical excitability

M Nakagawa, R Sasaki, S Tsuiki…


Motion and production of microparticles in vacuum interrupter

H Ejiri, K Abe, Y Kikuchi, A Kumada…


New chimeric antigen receptor design for solid tumors

Y Wang, F Luo, J Yang, C Zhao, Y Chu


Perilipins: a diversity of intracellular lipid droplet proteins

H Itabe, T Yamaguchi, S Nimura…

Academy of International Review of …

How M&As Impact Acquirers' R&D: Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry

H Miyazaki

Taylor & Francis

Egg white hydrolysate inhibits oxidation in mayonnaise and a model system

H Kobayashi, R Sasahara, S Yoda…


Effects of Peach (Prunus persica)-Derived Glucosylceramide on the Human Skin

T Koikeda, Y Tokudome, M Okayasu…


Re-expression of Sall1 in podocytes protects against adriamycin-induced nephrosis

Y Hosoe-Nagai, T Hidaka, A Sonoda, Y Sasaki…


Structure and evolution of the filaggrin gene repeated region in primates

V Romero, K Hosomichi…


Stereochemical correction and total structure of roridin J

M Matsumoto, A Ito, A Tonouchi, M Okazaki…


Hemoglobin Vesicles prolong the time to circulatory collapse in rats during apnea

Y Naito, H Sakai, S Inoue…


Origin of felsic volcanism in the Izu arc intra-arc rift

S Haraguchi, JI Kimura, R Senda, K Fujinaga…


Toxicity of repeated 28-day oral administration of acenaphthylene in rats

S Tanabe, K Kobayashi, M Matsumoto…


Baf53a is involved in survival of mouse ES cells, which can be compensated by Baf53b

B Zhu, A Ueda, X Song, S Horike, T Yokota, T Akagi

ACS Publications

Squaramide–sulfonamide organocatalyst for asymmetric direct vinylogous aldol reactions

T Sakai, S Hirashima, Y Yamashita, R Arai…

children aged less than 12 years in Peru [version 1; referees

D Azañedo, A Hernández-Vásquez, M Casas-Bendezú…


FRET-based detection of isozyme-specific activities of transglutaminases

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Development of Al/Cu Dissimilar Joint by New Friction Welding Method



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Why Binary Merge?

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