Ethical Considerations in Scholarly Publishing

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High-quality research goes hand in hand with responsible ethical conduct. Taylor & Francis group joined forces with Enago to promote transparency in research through this insightful webinar which provided tips on overcoming sensitive and challenging ethical dilemmas in scholarly publishing. A member of COPE, the Taylor and Francis group provides clear detailed guidelines on ethics and codes of conduct to help authors, editors, and reviewers report groundbreaking research.

All manuscripts without exception undergo a robust screening process to ensure legitimate publications. Through this session, we helped researchers understand the major ethical issues such as plagiarism, research fraud, undisclosed competing interests, etc. which can threaten research integrity and also researchers’ reputation by attracting discredit. We also discussed how researchers can steer clear of misconduct by adhering to stipulated ethical guidelines.

Researchers will learn:

  • The three tenets of academic publishing
  • Author responsibilities in publication ethics
  • Major ethical issues in research
  • How to avoid research misconduct
  • Recent cases of violations of research and publication ethics
  • Ethical publishing guidelines – by Taylor and Francis


  • Early-stage researchers
  • Graduate students
  • Doctoral students
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Journals and Publishers

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Richard de Grijs, Ph.D.

Dr. de Grijs is an internationally acclaimed astrophysicist, editor, publishing consultant, and public speaker with a diverse academic profile. He has driven several projects at well-renowned institutions such as the University of Virginia (USA), University of Sheffield (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), and Peking University (China). He is currently appointed at Macquarie University (Australia) as an Associate Dean/Professor along with his affiliation to the International Astronomical Union (Vice-President of Division C), Institute of Physics (FInstP), Astronomical Society of Australia (Fellow), etc.

To date, he has 300+ publications in established Physics and Astronomy journals and six published books to his name. The impact of his work is demonstrated by 5000+ citations that he has to his credit. Dr. Grijs is also the recipient of more than 25 research grants. Additionally, he is a peer reviewer for many leading Physics and Astronomy journals, including Nature, Science, etc. Some of his major achievements include the Erskine award (University of Canterbury), Exceptional Contribution Award (University of Sheffield, UK), Excellent Performance Award (Peking University, China), “Van Swinderen” Public Outreach Award (the Royal Netherlands Physical Society), and the Selby Award (The Australian Academy of Science).

Sabina Alam, Ph.D.

Dr. Alam is the Director of Publishing Ethics and Integrity at Taylor and Francis Group. After a research career in neuroscience, Dr. Alam moved into scientific publishing in 2008, at the open access publisher BioMed Central where she served as Chief Editor of, BMC Medicine from 2011-2016.

In 2017, Dr. Alam moved to F1000 where she was the Editorial Director of F1000 Platforms, which publishes original multidisciplinary scholarly content on an innovative post-publication open peer review model. She joined Taylor and Francis Group in September 2018, and in her current role leads the Publishing Ethics and Integrity team on providing expert advice and support on ethical, research integrity, and policy matters with the aim of minimising risk and ensuring compliance to the highest publication ethics standards.

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