Maintaining Research Productivity Amid Global Pandemic

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Enago conducted an informative webinar in collaboration with Hindawi—one of the world’s largest publishers of open access and peer-reviewed journals for science, technology, and medicine—to help rationalize the recent shifts in the scholarly publishing sphere due to the coronavirus outbreak. It focussed on discussing the consequent challenges faced by researchers and publishers, and the cope mechanisms adopted to ensure maximum research productivity. Dr. Richard de Grijs (Publication and Training Consultant, Enago Academy) advised researchers how to make the most out of remote working conditions and keep up with productivity.

Further in response to the current pandemic, a group of publishers and scholarly communication organizations came together to ensure research related to COVID-19 is reviewed and published as quickly as possible. Sarah Theissen (Publisher at Hindawi) has been working on internal as well as cross-publisher workflows to facilitate this. In this session, she shared information about how the COVID-19 Rapid Review cross-publisher initiative is making it easier for researchers to submit their manuscripts during the pandemic, as well as making their research available online as soon as possible.

Through this session, researchers will gain insights into:

  • Overview of the current scholarly publishing scenario
  • Tips for researchers to sustain their research
  • Maintaining ethical standards in pandemic studies
  • Cross-Publisher COVID-19 Rapid Review Initiative

About Hindawi (

Hindawi Limited is one of the world's largest open-access publishers with an expansive portfolio of academic research journals across all areas of science and medicine. Each peer-reviewed journal has been developed in partnership with academic researchers, acting as editors, to fit the targeted communities they serve. Driven by a mission to advance openness in research and placing the researcher at the heart of everything we do, we work with publishers, institutions, and organizations to move towards a more open scholarly ecosystem by investing in the development of open-source publishing infrastructure.


  • Early-stage researchers
  • Doctoral students
  • Postdoctoral students
  • Established researchers

강연자 소개

Richard de Grijs, Associate Dean/Professor at the Macquarie University

Dr. de Grijs is an internationally acclaimed astrophysicist, editor, publishing consultant, and public speaker with a diverse academic profile. He has driven several projects at well-renowned institutions such as the University of Virginia (USA), University of Sheffield (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), and Peking University (China). In addition to his current appointment, Dr. de Grijs is affiliated with the International Astronomical Union (Vice-President of Division C), Institute of Physics (FInstP), and the Astronomical Society of Australia (Fellow). To date, he has 300+ publications in established Physics and Astronomy journals and six published books to his name. The impact of his work is demonstrated by 5000+ citations that he has to his credit. Dr. Grijs is also the recipient of more than 25 research grants. Additionally, he is a peer reviewer for many leading Physics and Astronomy journals, including Nature, Science, etc.

Sarah Theissen, Publisher for the Medicine Journals at Hindawi

Sarah has a background in molecular and cellular biology, with a specific focus on breast cancer, and worked for over a decade in various research labs across Germany, Ireland, and the USA. Upon leaving academia, Sarah has gained publishing experience in editorial and communications roles at BioMed Central and F1000, before taking up her current position.

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강연자 소개

Dr. Richard de Grijs


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